Mediation Practice


Mediation Practice is a dialogue between experienced mediation professionals of different nationalities and backgrounds, sharing their ideas on cases from across the globe. The 8 mediators provide 16 cases and 128 responses and conclusions to these cases with hundreds of ideas on what mediators might do in specific situations. Each case focuses on a “mediation moment” when mediators ask themselves what to do next.

What should a mediator do if the “wrong” parties turn up to mediation? How can mediators help parties deal with impasse? When should mediators encourage joint session? What if confidentiality is breached? How can mediators best work with contentious counsel? How can mediators design complex multiparty process? These are just some of the questions discussed in the book. The contributors also look at the challenges facing practitioners mediating internationally. Cultural traditions and different cultures of mediation must be considered and this book provides examples and proposes solutions.

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