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ICC Academy’s 6th Supply Chain Finance Summit

The ICC Academy is pleased to invite you to the Supply Chain Finance Summit that will be held in London, 3-4 May 2017.

In its sixth edition, the Summit will provide a unique opportunity to learn from experienced corporations and bankers about their visions and strategies in the new area of supply chain finance. You can expect insight and commentary on a wide range of issues: Developments in the Physical Supply Chain, Automating the Financial Supply Chain, compliance agenda in Supply Chain Finance, the role of credit insurance, ECAs and supra-nationals in facilitating Trade and Supply Chain Finance and more. The agenda will be carefully designed to address topics that are globally important from Europe’s perspective. While the first day will give a comprehensive overview on the emerging issues, the second day will be more focused on challenges in Europe.

Highlights of the event include a presentation of the latest ICC Academy certificate on Export and Import that serves as another example of the ICC Academy’s commitment towrds capacity building. Another important component of the event will be release of findings of the latest developments around standard definitions for supply chain finance, and more.

In addition to the formal sessions, this Summit will also be a valuable platform for informal dialogue among the fellow delegates and experts to share ideas and experiences and enjoy a good networking. We look forward to welcoming you in London!

As an ICC member you benefit from a -30% discount by using the promotional code ‘DNK5536
To register: https://scflondon.icc.academy/

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